Welcome to Jaxxtaylor Co., where being authentic is not only appreciated, but it’s essential.

Hi, I’m Taylor, the Founder of Jaxxtaylor Co. This dream-lifestyle-turned-brand of mine sparked from my love of riding and the moto culture. Call me a rebel, tomboy, adrenaline junkie, thrillist, whatever - but I’m a firm believer in moving firey and fast, with nothing but the wind in my hair and an open road.

My obsession with motorcycles started when I was young. My dad owned a Harley-Davidson bike and I remember wanting one just like his. Fast forward many years later to me scoring a job with Harley for two years. It was the brand that really showed me how people from all walks of life are always accepted and welcomed into the moto culture. My friends from Harley became my family and I never felt more like myself. 

I could say that I’ve always been a free spirit with keys to a bike my entire life, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. The truth is, I’ve struggled with showing the world my true, carefree, authentic self. For a while, I felt like I had to suppress the real Taylor if I wanted others to approve of me. 

The fear of being rejected was a big obstacle to overcome, but on my journey to creating Jaxxtaylor Co. and discovering myself, I’ve learned that people will always judge no matter what. I’ve learned it’s easier to just be yourself than to try to fit in or hide away. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to like you, so you might as well just be who you are.

To me, being “authentic” means being who you were before the world told you who you should be, living for yourself, abiding by your core morals and staying true to them. But mostly it means honoring your purpose, your morals, your passions, and yourself. 

Jaxxtaylor Co. embodies a wolf. An animal and symbol of power, instinct, and strength, with a deep understanding and awareness in itself. My hope is that Jaxxtaylor Co. becomes a name and brand that forever conveys this same message. 

xx Taylor

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