• Introduce yourself. Who are you?
  • My name is Joey Battaglia. I grew up in Chicago as a pretty rambunctious, hyperactive and athletic kid. I become hooked on BMX at a fairly young age and it’s been my thing for about 20 years. I’m someone who’s brain is always on, and it’s constantly thinking about BMX. It just what keeps me going and is something that’s always been there for me.

  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received when it comes to your sport/craft?
  • To stay patient. Very patient! Don’t aim to make big bucks or to be a superstar. Do it for the fun of it. Because fun is what it’s all about!

  • What message do you think every BMX rider should hear?
  • Don’t give up on it. Continue doing what it is you’re doing. You’re good at it (BMX Riding) already bc you’re out there doing it already.

  • What do you do on a daily basis to grow or get better with BMX?
  • I pretty much try to ride different obstacles. I don’t maintain or focus on ramps anymore. I try to ride everything, park, street, dirt and race tracks to keep my stamina up or get my blood flowing.

  • What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you?
  • Though I’m pretty well known in this industry, but I’m not conceited or self-involved in anyway. I’m still the same kid who grew up riding a ramp that my friends and I built outside my apartment.

  • Outside of BMX riding, what are your biggest passions?
  • I’m a huge foodie! I consume proper healthy, vegan foods. I think it helps me as an athlete, of course, but also in a lot of aspects as well.

  • Where do you find inspiration?
  • Anywhere I go, really! But especially when I take my bike to the skatepark, I just feed off of the energy of whoever it is I’m riding with at the time. Those people are my biggest inspirations.

    Instagram: @joey15bagz

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