Hey! I’m Emma. Editorial Manager at Jaxxtaylor Co.

I was always an unusual girl, filled with ​​raw curiosity and a passion for other cultures, something my Irish father undoubtedly bestowed upon me. I grew up in a suburb just outside of Chicago; an enchanted city to which I owe all that I am today. A city where I developed a child-like, fascination with the world and imagined every possibility for myself. This was where I learned to dream.

My ache for exploration eventually pushed me to the point where I could no longer be kept by “Sweet Home Chicago” — I needed something bigger than myself. I needed to travel and allow my curiosity to be unrestricted. I needed to stuff my eyes with wonder and second guess everything I know about the universe. I needed to see what I was made of.

So, I ended up fleeing for a 2.5-year solo travel trip around the planet with my writing leading me along the way. It was raw, it was stimulating, it was the most magical and surreal time of my life. I trekked across the vast plains of Mongolia, climbed on top of ex-Korean War vehicles, danced with gypsies in the Indian desert, hitch-hiked during monsoons in Indonesia, floated along the waterways of Vietnam aboard luxury ships, hot-air-ballooned through Turkey, scuba-dived in the Caribbean, and did everything and went everywhere in between.

Although my essence, home, and heart will forever remain in Chicago — you can currently find me riding waves in Los Angeles, or out on the road, on a train, bus or airplane, writing, re-writing, snapping photos, and overall hanging on every note the world has to offer.

My work with Jaxxtaylor Co. consists of creative images, stories, and content that are a product of my own authentic moments, visions and stimulations, but as well as yours! My goal for my role with Jaxxtaylor Co. is to capture and portray what it means to be wild, authentic. To inspire the readers of this very platform to live to their fullest potential, be authentic with everything they do, and seek an unconventional life whenever possible.

Because, to me, authenticity is what defines a well-lived.

I’m so excited and honored to be a part of this team. There’s good things on the horizon for Jaxxtaylor Co.! Stay tuned. :)

xx Emma 

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