Introduce yourself. Who are you?
My name is Jesse Michael Wardinski. I was born right here in Milwaukee, WI on 3/24/1990. I work for veteran affairs and I also am a consultant for a local car dealer. I'm a total gear head and love turning a wrench every chance I get! I have some tattoos with a lot more to come but my back is almost done! Hobbies I have nowadays are the gym, billiards (since I could basically see over a table), biking, hiking with a little bit of free climbing (used to be a lot but since my dad died whilst we were climbing over a decade ago I take it a lot easier on that) and driving the wheels off anything I get into.

How did you discover Jaxxtaylor?
I’ve actually known Taylor since we were younger! Her sister and I used to be inseparable for a time in high school and we are still great friends today!

How to you relate to the brand’s mission of spreading authenticity and being original in today’s society?
When Taylor launched I immediately fell in love with her mission and of course her drive. It’s all too often in today’s society that everyone just wants to “fit in” and it’s really sad to see. Being who you are no matter what is so important in this life otherwise you get lost trying to make your way back to that and end out not even knowing the person looking back in the mirror. I relate heavily with the brands mission because I don’t compromise who I am for anything! What you see if what you get and I think that’s why people gravitate towards me and I’ve made so many great connections because I don’t put on a front and that’s what being original is all about!

What do you like most about Jaxxtaylor? Why do you consider yourself as a great ambassador of the brand?
I like the image! The whole mission statement and how it fits with me! I remember when Wild Ones Society started as well and remember messaging Taylor and saying YESSSSSSSS! And that if she ever wanted me in that I was on board for sure! I think I’d be a great brand ambassador for Jaxxtaylor and Wild Ones Society not only because I feel I fit in with the style and image but even more because of the mentality of it. I strive to remain authentic and original in everything I do and I'm always pushing towards the next great adventure ahead! Lastly, I believe in Jaxxtaylor and Taylor altogether! It’s not often you find someone with so much drive and originality in this world so when you do grab on and go for a ride!

Jaxxtaylor is a brand that associates heavily with artists, surfers, skaters, photographers, riders, and creatives. Where do you fit on this spectrum?
I feel I fit into the spectrum being a creative and ultimately a gear head. I don’t share it but I write a bit in my free time (when I get it) and if I had more time photography is something I would be heavily into as I was when I was younger. With that being said, I think aside from originality being a gear head fits me right in. I’m always wrenching on anything with wheels and things without and testing it all out for myself! Also super stoked for spring and getting myself a Harley! It’s been a longggg time coming and I couldn’t be more excited for it! Lastly, just being a creative! Within everything I do or experience I constantly process my own personal way of doing things that way I can put my personal touch on it!

What do you do on a daily basis in efforts to be authentic?
Mainly I do me, to explain I simply don’t compromise who I am for anything! Always remember there will always only be one you and it’s your responsibility to bring that to the table!

Anything else you’d like to share?
This was my first time modeling and it was an amazing experience with everyone involved! I have to admit I was a bit nervous but that went away immediately. Jaxxtaylor truly is amazing and let me be who I am and do me! I’m stoked to see where Taylor takes all of this and overjoyed to be a part of it!!!

Instagram: @merica711

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